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Communication: The Key to a Healthier, More Radiant Smile

A lack of communication between a patient and dentist will take your dental care no where fast. Effective dental care requires a healthy balance of communication and trust in order for appropriate and quality treatment to be provided for your specific needs. Talk to your Mill Creek, WA dentist about your dental fears. Be honest about pain and other medical conditions that may affect your oral health and treatment. And learn to trust your dentist in order to overcome your anxiety and achieve your healthiest, most beautiful smile. 

Your general and cosmetic dentist in Mille Creek, Wa is specially trained to communicate and work with anxious patients. They can work with you to identify the best technique for easing your dental fear and administering the most pain free treatments possible. 

Open Up About Your Dental Anxiety

It’s normal to be afraid of the dentist and dental procedures. In fact, many Americans share this same apprehension. But when your fear of the dentist prevents you from expressing dental pain, symptoms and concerns, this prohibits your dentist from being able to successfully deliver the best dental care for your specific needs. Does the smell of the dentist make you panic? Do you cringe at the sound of the drill? Open up to your dentist about your misgivings. Once they are aware of your particular uncertainties, they can better modify each procedure so that you are comfortable and confident. In fact, there are many pain medications, relaxation techniques and distraction methods to help you feel relaxed in the dental chair. 

Reveal Any and All Health History

Like with any medical office, it’s crucial that you share important health information with your dentist office in order to ensure you are provided with the safest, most appropriate care. This includes medications, medical conditions and any other health-related information. Many health conditions, including allergies and heart problems require special treatment before dental work can be administered, so it’s critical that you reveal all of this information when you go in for your first appointment. Failing to provide this important medical history with your dental professional could result in other severe health problems. 

Establish an Honest Rapport 

Your dentist doesn’t have to be your enemy. As a matter of fact, your dentist wants to help you maintain a lifetime of healthy teeth and a sparkling smile. Learn to trust your dentist and her experience in the dental field. Once you feel confident in your dentist’s knowledge and expertise, you’ll feel more relaxed with each and every appointment- which should be about twice a year for routine check ups and cleanings. 

An experienced and understanding dentist will exhibit the following traits in order to better communicate with a patient and ease dental fears:

•    Demonstrate good communication, patience and understanding towards fearful patients 
•    Thoroughly explain each procedure so that the patient will know what to expect
•    Allow the patient to stop the procedure at any time, usually with a hand signal
•    Review appropriate relaxation techniques and sedatives, including anesthetics and advanced technology

Visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be intimidating. Open up to your dentist about your fears, share any and all medical information, and learn to trust your Mill Creek, WA dentist today by calling our office at (425) 337-7300 todayy!