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By Penny Creek Family and Implant Dentistry
May 12, 2020
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Developing A Good Oral Care Routine

Having healthy teeth requires a lifetime of care. While going to the dentist is very important, most people only visit their dentist two times a year. This is why it becomes imperative to develop a good at-home oral care routine. Dr. Chad Slocum and Dr. Sara Lundgaard from Penny Creek Family & Implant Dentistry in Mill Creek, WA, are determined to teach their patients the importance of in-home oral care, as well as setting them up with good oral care habits. Read on to learn more about some common oral care routines

Common Oral Care Habits To Follow

Here are some common practices you should consider to implement within your oral care routine.

  • Always brush before going to bed
  • Clean your tongue as often as you brush
  • Do not forget to floss
  • Use fluoride toothpaste
  • Use antiseptic mouthwash
  • Eat a balanced and nutritious diet

These are just some of the steps you should follow. For more information on why these practices can help or for further protecting your teeth, call your dentist in Mill Creek, WA.

Habits To Avoid

A very important aspect of keeping healthy teeth is by avoiding tooth decay and gum disease. There are some behaviors that can be unhealthy for your teeth and avoidance of those behaviors can be beneficial. Some of the behaviors to avoid include:

  • Using tobacco products and smoking
  • Accessive alcohol drinking
  • Drinking or eating food with excessive sugar
  • Drinking highly acidic beverages, such as soft drinks

With the combination of avoiding these poor habits as well as following a good oral care routine, you can keep your teeth healthy.

Learn More About Good Oral Care Routines From A Professional

While most were instructed to perform many of these steps from the start, it is important that these routines are performed correctly. It is always best to consult your dentist on the best oral care routine for you and your specific needs. If you live in or around Mill Creek, WA, consider visiting our office, Penny Creek Family & Implant Dentistry, where our family-friendly and professional staff can help you find the answers you need. Call our office in Mill Creek at (425) 337-7300