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By Penny Creek Family & Implant Dentistry
July 10, 2014
Category: Oral Health
At around the age of 17-25, our third set of molars comes in, which are also called “wisdom teeth.” Although all of your other teeth came in smoothly as a child, these are usually not quite as simple. Extracting, or taking out one or more wisdom teeth is a fairly common procedure that is performed on about 5 million patients every year. Mill Creek residents are assured a stress-free experience at Penny Creek Family and Implant Dentistry. Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Listed below are some usual reasons why wisdom teeth are removed:

  • The jaw in your mouth is too small to and cannot make room for all of your teeth. This can lead to crowding and can cause your wisdom teeth to become impacted and unable to emerge from the gums. This can be harmful to the adjacent bone or teeth.
  • The wisdom teeth are coming in crooked and can damage other teeth and structures of the jaw. This can cause bite problems.
  • If the wisdom tooth does not fully break through the gums, it can increase the chance of a bacterial infection.
  • A cyst can develop around a wisdom tooth that has not erupted and can cause infection.

Wisdom Teeth: What You Need to Know About Having One or More Removed

Taking out one or more wisdom teeth is typically an in-office procedure. Most procedures involve a local anesthetic to numb the area. If multiple teeth are removed, conscious sedation will most likely be administered as well. Our dentist will discuss the best options with you before the procedure.
After you are numb or properly sedated, the gum tissue at the extraction site may need to be opened if the wisdom teeth is impacted. The tooth will then be gently removed. The site will then most likely be stitched to help with healing.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Most patients can expect a few days of recovery after the teeth have been removed. It is important to rest when possible and take any pain medication that our dentist has prescribed you. A number of patients will experience bleeding where the teeth were removed. Biting on gauze pads and resting your head on pillows that are elevated can control it. Swelling of the cheeks is also common, and can be controlled by holding an ice pack on the outside of the cheek for a few minutes at a time.
Having your wisdom teeth removed can be a bit frightening and nerve wracking. If you need your third molars extracted, meet with our dentist at Penny Creek Family and Implant Dentistry. We will do the best that we can to make your experience as easy-going as possible.